Plans scale with your growth

12 Months In Advance (Save 30%)
SSD Disk Space50 GB60 GB70 GB80 GB

Included in all plans

Ultra-Low Latency

Our VPS' share the same datacentres with the biggest Forex brokers in the world and the London Stock Exchange. This means you can minimize slippage and trade rejections by being able to execute trades before everyone else, enjoying latencies as low as 0.5 milliseconds.

SSD Only

We only use datacentre SSD storage for our VPS's, which are 120 times faster than traditional spinning disks. We only use enterprise SSD disks, which will far outlive the lifespan of the server.

Instant VPS activation

We activate all our VPS's the moment payment is received. Choose your VPS plan, complete the order form, and make payment and start your VPS. We instantly send your server details to your email address while your server is building, which means you will be ready to trade within a few minutes.

100% Uptime

All our Forex VPS's come with a 100% uptime guarantee, which means you can get on with trading without worrying about downtime.

Dedicated IP Address

Each VPS has a dedicated IP address making sure your never blocked by a broker due to someone else's activity.

Work with any Broker, Platform, or EA

Our VPS's work with all Forex Brokers, Platforms, and Expert Advisors.


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